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Stop feeling lost or confused. Overlay your performance with a pro player's directly to see what differences show up and when, so you can change and improve.

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A lot can happen in a minute, so you shouldn't accept rollups of data. Analyze games down to the second with ease to see what really happened.

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Hero Health in M#2291119423, ESL One Frankfurt, each second
Hero Health in M#2291119423, ESL One Frankfurt, each minute

Let's face it: rewatching games to find improvements or errors is a chore with Valve's interface. We condense all that information into something you can scroll on-the-fly to focus on what matters.


We work with pure data, not aggregates or averages, to see details that matter.


Visual, granular presentation is the most accessible and informative.


Don't be content with disconnected numbers; discover, test, and improve.

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